Doctrinal Statement


The name of this body of believers in Christ shall be the Grace Reformed Church.

The purpose for which this church is established and ordained shall be to maintain public worship for the preaching and teaching of the Word of God and the building up of believers in the most holy faith; to bear united witness to the faith of its members in the whole Bible as the inspired Word of God; to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ and the faith once for all delivered to the saints; to aid in home and foreign missions and in the winning ofthe lost to the Lord Jesus Christ.


We hold to the London Baptist Confession of 1689

It can be found here: LBC 1689

We understand that the above Articles of Faith do not by any means exhaust the content of our creed which is the whole Word of God and they are not intended to set a limit beyond which faith cannot go within this Word. But we do believe that in so far as these Articles extend they are a true presentation of the sound doctrine taught in the scriptures and therefore binding upon us as Christian believers.