Well, where do I begin? There is so much I could say about our church and church family. One of the things I find most important is the constant focus on lifting up our Lord and Savior to His rightful place. Many great theologians have called this the supremacy of Christ or a high view of God. This is what we are compelled to do beyond anything else.

What I think we need most in this world are churches that have strong adherence to the Word of God. As a pastor this is my focus and I do this in several ways, but most importantly, through expository preaching. That is the breaking down of scripture verse by verse to find the meaning. The chances are, if you visit with us you’ll see that in at least one of our services I devote to verse by verse exposition of one book until we get all the way through, and when I preach on a particular subject it’s no different.

As for our church family, I think you will find that we are truly the example of family. We try to love one another just as Christ loves the Church. It won’t take you long to see that we are truly “woven of the same cloth” so to speak. It is my desire that we produce strong mature believers that are unashamed of the gospel.

May we strive to glorify God in all that we do because that is our purpose in life.


Forever indebted to Christ,
Pastor Matt
Galatians 2:20